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We live in an age of powerful communication systems, yet how much actual communication takes place?

Many organisations, in their efforts to Get Noticed and Be Heard, simply push messages out wherever they can with little to no thought about who they are trying to communicate with.

What's more is that few organisations actually understand what communication is. Proper communication has a beginning and an end. That is to say, in order for it to be complete, it must elicit a response back. This would be a two-way communication and thus a complete communication

For example: If you sent out an email marketing campaign to 10 000 people and only 10 people reply then, in reality, you had a complete communication with only 10 people.

Effective communication is vital for all organisations. Without it, survival becomes a game of chance and expansion less than a dream.

Leveraging Opportunities

Marketers and Public Relations Professionals today, have access to more tools and opportunities than ever before. The Internet is fast becoming a virtual world where people go to escape the real world. Whether good or bad, the fact is the Internet provides organisations with a vast array of opportunities to use PR, do marketing and sell.

Public Relations, Marketing and selling all rely on communication. If no one notices you then no one is going to hear you.

Nova Public Relations & Marketing specialises in creating effective communication between organisations and their publics.

We understand communication and we know how to use PR, Marketing, and Digital Properties such as websites and social accounts effectively.


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