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75% of your users will judge your business’s credibility on your website’s design.

Fewer than 10% of SMEs have responsive, mobile optimized websites.

40% of people will leave a website that is not mobile friendly and look for another website.

Does Your Website Make You Look Credible?

Websites are very often the first point of contact with your business. Sadly, many websites fail to make a lasting impression.

What do you want your website to say about your business?

You Need a Professional Website for Your Business!

A Nova Quick Start Website™ is the key to making your business look professional and well established.

Take your business online professionally and affordably.

Wow Your Visitors with a Mobile Friendly Website.

More people access websites today using mobile devices than desktops. Show you care about your visitors and go mobile.

Make your visitors happy with a mobile-friendly website!

Start with a Complete Website Design

Getting a new website is now as simple as pushing the 'Start' button

No Need to Start From Scratch

Building a website from scratch is a slow time-consuming process. Now you can take advantage of our prebuilt website designs that are also mobile friendly and conversion optimized out the box.


A Growing Website Design Library

We offer a wide range of website designs to choose from. Simply choose the design or layout that suits your business, purchase your Nova Quick Start Website package and we'll take care of the rest.


All We Need is Your Content

To get your website up and running quickly we just need the text, images and graphics that you want to appear on your website. We'll also need the domain name you want registered. 


FREE Domain & Hosting for 12 Months

When you purchase your Nova Quick Start Website™ you'll also get FREE domain registration Startup hosting for 12 months valued at more than R 1 300.


Premium WordPress Software

We only use the best WordPress theme and plugin software. All our Nova Quick Start Websites™ are built using premium software so you can rest assured your website will look great.


FREE Access to WordPress Tutorials

Not only do we make setting up your website easy but we've also made using your website easy. Easy to understand WordPress tutorials will make using your new website effortless. 

How to get up and running quickly

How Nova Quick Start Websites™ Work

Step 1

Select a Wesite Design

Browse our Website Design Library and select the website that works best for your business. Your options include Blog, SME & eCommerce.

Step 2

Purchase a Quick Start Package

Next, you need to purchase the Nova Quick Start Website™ package that matches your chosen design. Your options include Blog, SME & eCommerce.

Step 3

Send Us Your Content

Finally, send us your sitemap, text, images and graphics that will replace the content in the website design you have chosen. For more details please read the FAQs below...

Select Your Design from an Ever-Growing Website Library

Nova Quick Start Websites™ get you up and running fast. Simply choose a design, order the corresponding Nova Quick Start Website™ package, supply us with the text and images you want to appear on the website as well as the domain you wish to register and we'll take care of the rest.

A Professional WordPress Website Design to Suit Your Needs

Choose the Nova Quick Start Website™ that is Right for You

Nova Quick Start Website™ - Blogger

Get your new blog up and running in no time at all.

Nova Quick Start Website™ - SME

Get your business online quickly, easily and affordably.

Nova Quick Start Website™ - eCommerce

A fast eCommerce solution that gets you selling right away!

Frequently Asked Questions & Terms

How many pages will you setup for me?

While you may add as many pages as you like we'll setup only a certain number of pages for you. Each package has different page setup limits which you can see below:

  • Blog - Up to 5 pages and 5 blog posts
  • SME - Up to 10 pages and blog posts
  • eCommerce - Up to 10 pages, 5 blog posts and 5 products

Pages will be setup using the standard page layout as defined by your chosen website design.

How long does it take to setup my website?

The setup time of your website largely depends on having 'all' your content. Once you have purchased your package we register your chosen domain name and setup your hosting account. This is normally done within 24 hours.

If your content is complete and you send it to us right away your new website can be ready in as little as 24 - 48 hours depending on how many websites we are building at the time. If we have all your content, it seldom takes more than 1 week to have a completed website.

Please note: If any of your content is missing or sending it to us is delayed, this will obviously delay the website completion time.

What content do I need to send you?

There are three types of content we will need from you.

Sitemap - This is a list of the pages you want on your website and will also be used to set up your website's navigation menus. Please remember to refer to the page limit guidelines. 

Text - This is the text content for your pages. We recommend matching your text to the text blocks on your chosen website design. You don't have to write text for every text block though. Also be sure to use headings in your text. We'll take care of the final formatting of your text on the website.

Images & Graphics - This includes your logo(s) and any images and/or graphics that should appear on your website. If you need to use stock images please see the FAQ below for more info. Typically, we will take your brand colours from your logo, you can also specify the colours or provide colour examples for us to use.

We recommend choosing your images based on the website design you've chosen. In many cases you can use the images from your chosen design as many of these are free images, however, there may be images that are not included in the design as they are licensed stock images. You may also wish to use different images to make your site look more unique.

If you prefer us to source the images for you, you can purchase a stock image pack from us in which case we'll take care of all your website's image and graphics needs.

Your site map and text should be sent to us in Google Doc or Microsoft Word format. Please do not use all caps lettering anywhere.

We recommend sending all your content using WeTransfer. Please use for this.

Where can I get high quality images & graphics?

It is important that your website uses high quality images and graphics. Poor quality or low resolution images can make your website lose its impact and look cheap.

An excellent source of free images is In fact, many of the images you see in our website designs are from Pixabay.

When selecting images for your website please make sure you download high resolution images to send to use. It is possible to make an image smaller but we cannot make image bigger without significant loss in quality.

If you cannot find what you are looking for on Pixbay and you need to purchase stock images then is one of the more reasonably priced stock image sites.  

Are there any website upgrades I can get?

Yes, there are many optional upgrades for our Nova Quick Start Websites™. You can either browse the online 'Shop' or contact us directly to find out about available upgrades.

Will my website look like the website design I chose?

Your website will vary to some degree from the design you've chosen. The most obvious changes will be your logo, your brand's colour palette and your text. Depending on how many of the website design's images and graphics you choose to change will also impact how much the design changes.

Example 1 - If your business is the same as the one used in your chosen website design and you like the overall look and images, then the design probably won't change a great deal. 

Example 2 - If your business is completely different from the website design you chose but you like the layouts and look of the design, then chances are your finished website is going to look quite different as the images will change along with the branding.

Do I get emails with my free hosting?

Yes, you do. Simply let us know what email addresses you want us to create and we will create them on the hosting account and send through the settings for you to use with your email client.

Will I need to renew my hosting and domain?

Yes, you will. After 12 months your free domain and hosting account will expire. We'll notify you at least 30 days in advance that they need to be renewed and we'll send you an invoice.

Can I edit and make changes to my website?

Yes, absolutely! Once your website is complete and we've given you login details you can then watch our easy to understand tutorial videos to learn how to make changes yourself.

Will you maintain my website and take care of website security?

Yes, we can. You will however, need to purchase a Nova Quick Start Website™ Care Plan which is a monthly service that covers basic website security, monthly offsite backups and software updates as well as minor bug fixes.