Marketing Attracts Attention, Creates Want & Gets Your Products Sold.

Good Marketing helps you Get Noticed and Be Heard, and ultimately drives sales.

Marketing is not advertising nor sales. It does however make advertising and sales a lot easier if done correctly. Marketing, broadly speaking covers your products and services from before they are created to after they are delivered. Marketing is all about presentation and introduction into the right markets in order to create high volumes of sales.

Advertising and promotional actions are complementary and form a part of marketing actions. Marketing can be done without advertising but advertising can not be done without marketing.

Effective marketing attracts or commands attention. It communicates and creates desire and when done right, it makes the sale easy.


Our Marketing Services

Nova Public Relations & Marketing offers effective Marketing Solutions. We use our expertise to do the following and more:

  • Create effective Marketing Campaigns aimed at creating high sales volumes
  • Create effective marketing copy that communicated clearly and encourages action
  • We design graphics and visual communication that attracts attention and communicates
  • Design and printing of marketing & sales materials from business cards to magazines
  • Create photographic and video content for products and services
  • Setup & Manage online marketing and advertising campaigns such as Google AdWords
  • Setup & Manage email marketing campaigns
  • Setup & Manage social media marketing campaigns


Get Noticed and Be Heard with successful Marketing Campaigns.

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