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Infinity Web Engine™

Use Your Website More Effectively, Automate Tedious Marketing Tasks, Generate More Leads & Sales and Grow Your Business.


There are 3.95 billion Internet users in the world as of June 2018

People spend an average of 5 hours per week shopping online

It is estimated that 1.79 billion people will buy online in 2018

Is Your Current Website Getting You Ahead?

Is your current website still a stone aged pedal powered eyesore? Are you tired of seeing your competition leaving you in the dust?

Will you survive the Fourth Industrial Revolution or will the Digital Age empower you to grow?

You Need an Infinitely Powerful Digital Vehicle!

Infinity Web Engine™ is your answer to long-term digital growth and business survival. Isn't it time you got ahead the game?

Enjoy an easy to use centralised marketing and public relations hub that can help you expand.

Save Time By Automating Tedious Marketing Tasks.

Do you want more time to spend growing your business? Then you need to start automating repetitive time-consuming marketing tasks.

Get your time back with social and email marketing automation systems!

To Build & Grow a Business in the Digital Age You Need a Platform with Infinite Growth Potential

Infinity Web Engine™ is that platform. At the heart of our platform is a customised Enterprise Grade WordPress Content Management System. Built with infinite scaling, unlimited performance and ultimate ease of use in mind.

Infinitely Extendible

Marketing Automation, eCommerce, SEO Tools, eLearning...

Marketing Automation Tools*

Save time with automated social posting, network building and email outreachBuilt-in social media tools make it even easier for your content to go viral.


Powerful & Flexible eCommerce System*

More And More People Are Buying Online Everyday. Shouldn't They Be Buying From You? Sell the widest range of products and services easily and efficiently with an e-Commerce store. 


Built-in Website SEO Audits*

Target the right keywords and drive volumes of visitor traffic with SEO analysis and step-by-step on-page optimisation recommendations.


Extend You Infinity Web Engine™*

From eLearning to Customer Relationship Management, Project Management, Social Networking and more, your website is infinitely extendible.

* Features are subject to package selected as well as optional extras chosen.

Clean & Simple

An Easier Website Editing Experience

WordPress Dashboard Re-Imagined

We've Simplified Your WordPress Experience With Our Infinity Dashboard. The standard WordPress dashboard is pretty good but we've gone one better.


A Cleaner Dashboard Experience

Find the right dashboard tab quickly and easily for a simpler faster website editing experience.


Safer Editing Environment

Now you no longer need to worry about complicated technical settings or accidentally crashing your website.


Infinity Web Engine™ Management*

Enjoy the ultimate ease of use and peace of mind as we take care of all the technical stuff.

* Subject to an Infinity Webmaster™ Management Plan 

Google Compliant, People Friendly Design

Custom Designed for Mobile, For Speed and To Convert Visitors into Customers

Mobile Friendly Out the Box

More people visit websites from mobile devices than desktops, which is why your site is optimised for mobile users as standard.


Extended Mobile Optimisation Option*

Deliver even better mobile experiences with additional mobile optimisations and enhanced mobile menu systems.

* Subject to optional Infinity Web Engine™ design enhancements


*Faster Load Times with Speed Optimisation**

Google now factors page speed into its ranking algorithms. We'll fine-tune your Infinity Web Engine™ for blazing fast performance.

** Subject to optional Infinity Performance™ Plan 


Fuel for Your Infinity Web Engine***

Your Web Engine needs fuel to perform. Speak to us about our Fuel Plans which are designed to take you further faster.

*** Subject to optional Infinity Digital Fuel™ Plan 

A Customisable Web Engine to Suit Your Needs

Choose the Infinity Web Engine that is Right for You

Infinity Web Engine™ - ProBlogger

The Ultimate Blogging Platform for bloggers who are serious about success!

Infinity Web Engine™ - SME

The Ultimate Growth Platform for entrepreneurs & SMEs who are serious about growth!

Infinity Web Engine™ - Enterprise

The Ultimate Digital Platform for companies who want to dominate their space!