Platform Features

Platform Features

Platform Features

Why Nova Public Relations & Marketing?

Blogging Features

Your Blog is One of Your Most Powerful Public Relations Tools. It's Time to Super Charge It!

Public Relations is all about creating a positive image for your business and your products and services.

Broadly disseminating information that is valuable, helpful and entertaining to your audience is best done through your blog.

Content Focused Layouts

If you want your visitors to read your blog article you have to use web page layouts that make your content easy to access and read

Easy Social Sharing

Built-in social media tools make it even easier for your content to go viral. Grow your social following and make content sharing a breeze.

Easily Collect Identities

Our platform makes building your opt-in list easy. The more identities you collect the more profitable your mailing lists become.

Blogging Training & Advice

Discover how to get more out of your blog with PR and Marketing tips and insights. Get expert advice when you need it.

Powerful SEO Tools

Target the right keywords and drive volumes of visitor traffic with SEO analysis and step-by-step on-page optimisation recommendations.

WordPress Platform

Our platform is built on WordPress. WordPress is the best blogging software available, which is why it is the most popular.

Website Features

Your Business Needs an Effective Website to Compete and Grow Online. Get the Best Today!

Most websites are designed to fail. This is because they do not have all the tools necessary to succeed.

Unlock powerful, yet easy to use marketing tools and discover the power of a website that is designed to succeed.

Convert Traffic into Leads

Lead generation powered by a premium lead capture plugin. Get notified of new leads and enquiries and automatically add them to your mailing database.

Super Easy to Use

WordPress is reasonably easy to use. However, we've made it even easier to use. Now you can get up and running in less time.

Managed for You

We host, maintain and support your platform. You manage your content, collect leads and focus on growing a profitable business.

Monitor Performance

Gain comprehensive insights into performance and use the data to improve your website and enhance its performance.  

Peace of Mind

Hacking is a reality. We'll monitor platform security, maintain a firewall and create regular offsite backups just in case something does go wrong.

Training & Support

Learn how to make the most of your website through documentation and training videos. Get expert support when you need it.

e-Commerce Features

More and More People are Buying Online Everyday. Shouldn't They Be Buying From You?

Online sales are rising rapidly each year. Don't let your competitors take your customers.

Sell the widest range of products and services easily and efficiently with an e-Commerce store. 

Sell Almost Anything

Enjoy the ability to sell multiple product types. Sell physical products, digital products, services, online learning, tickets for events and more.

Emailing Campaigns

Take full advantage of powerful Mailchimp e-Commerce emailing campaigns and increase your sales and customer loyalty

Simple Order Management

Collect and manage orders easily through your platform backend. View sales stats, customer details, create order notes and more.

Securely Accept Payments

Accept payments through PayFast, PayPal and many other payment gateways. SSL encryption included as standard.

Enhanced Buying Experience

Provide automated customer order status notifications for a complete and positive buying experience. Notifications can also be customised.

Even More Options

Sell using one-time payments or subscriptions. Create coupon codes. Run special offers. Create bundles, upsells and even allow product customisation.

Website Security Features

Hacking is Unfortunately a Reality and Website Security is Essential to Maintain Your Reputation and Avoid Google Penalties

We offer a wide range of security options for the Nova Public Relations & Marketing Lead Generation Platform

Get the security features and cover you need to do business online safely. 

Regular Server Backups

All Nova PRM lead generation platforms include daily incremental backups to allow for the restoration of your platform and peace of mind. 

Software Updates

Keep your platform secure and fully functional with regular software updates to WordPress core, plugins and themes.

Offsite Backups

Offsite backups add another layer of security by allowing platform restoration or migration should your server and or its backups become compromised.

Website Reputation Monitoring

We can perform regular security scans and monitor website blacklisting to ensure your website always has an excellent reputation and is safe to use.

Platform Firewall

Block malicious users and hackers with a smart platform firewall. Block countries or IP addresses and take control of who can access your website.

Database Optimisation

Over time your platform database will grow, we make sure it remains fast and in good shape by optimising it regularly.

e-Learning Features

Are You an Expert in Your Field? Now You Can Sell Your Knowledge Through Online Courses.

e-Learning or Online Learning is a booming business. Online learning is accessible and highly popular.

Create additional income streams by selling courses to a global market. 

Multiple Content Formats

Deliver courses using text, images, video, audio and quizzes. You can also integrate Captivate, Storyline, iSpring and Articulate learning content. 

Create Learning Paths

Deliver courses in many ways. Create course prerequisites, drip course content over time, limit access to content, enforce time limits and more.


Make learning fun with gamification. Your students can earn badges and score points as they progress. Finally learning is fun and rewarding.

Easily Manage Groups

Assign users to groups and manage course access centrally. Assign group administrators to set group credits, grade assignments and view group reports.

Issue Certificates & Awards

Automatically issue certificates for course completion. Provide your students with a learning profile and history of course progress and completion.

Course Reporting

Keep track of course progress, quiz performance, time spent on courses and more. Then use your reports to improve your courses.

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