Affiliate/Referral Programme

Affiliate/Referral Programme

Earn 10% - 20% Commission on Sales.

Make as much as R 9 000 Commission on Website Sales.

Earn 10% - 20% Commission on Sales.

Make as much as R 9 000 Commission on Website Sales.

Earn 10% - 20% Commission on Sales.

Make as much as R 9 000 Commission on Website Sales.


Nova PRM Affiliate/Referral Programme Policy


The meaning of Affiliate is: officially attach or connect (a subsidiary group or a person) to an organization.

synonyms: associate with, be in league with, unite with, combine with, join with, join up with, join forces with


As an affiliate you could earn a commission on each sale you have referred or assisted with. As from the date of this policy Nova PR & Marketing will be running an affiliate/referral marketing commission program. This policy lays out how it works.

Any person or business wanting to refer our services can do so by asking their contacts to visit our website or contact us directly. You can then inform us, or have your contact inform us, of your referral.

If anyone being referred by you does purchase one or more of our services, you will receive a 10% commission. If you help with closing the sale you will receive a 20% commission. Commissions are paid on the first service purchased by the referral.

Commissions are paid once the service has been fully paid for and delivered. In the case of a website, this would be when the site has been completed and approved by the client.

A person may not refer a company that they work for as this becomes a conflict of interest. Friends, family, business associates, etc. are good candidates.


Your resources would be any of the following: referring to our site, our contact details: 074 625 6344 or email: .

Let your referrals know that they can include who referred them on the contact form or you can let us know directly.


Affiliate/Referrer Best Practices


  • Tell your friends and family about Nova PRM
  • Refer anyone you may know to our website and ask them to mention your name or otherwise send us their name
  • Email your friends and family and regular contacts about our services
  • Mention us to anyone you know who is looking for Website, PR or Marketing related services
  • Share this page on your social networks
  • Help to close your prospect as you will receive a higher commission


  • Send mass emails (spam) to email lists you have bought or collected without the recipient's explicit consent
  • Do not place spam posts on social networks


Please note: This programme is currently aimed at direct referrals only. We will in the near future setup an electronic affiliate programme which will allow you to download banners for use on your websites and social media platforms and will be tracked via affiliate links.


Terms & Conditions Apply. We reserve the right to reject affiliates/referrers who violate our guidelines and terms. All rights reserved.

Register as an Affiliate/Referrer

Register as an Affiliate/Referrer